Welcome to walking wilma, the place to find on-trend and functional walking accessories for your four-legged friend.

Here at walking wilma we know just how important your fur babies are and how integral they are to your life.  Just like any other member of the family you want them to, not only look smart and stylish, but to be comfortable too. So, with this in mind, we have designed our products to be high quality and functional with timeless designs.  

Who is Wilma I hear you ask, well she’s our 3 year old Frenchie, who has now become both a CEO and top model for her own pup accessory brand.  While out one day walking with Wilma, I thought to myself, why should a dogs walking wardrobe be boring and that’s how the brand was born.   You can also follow Wilma’s adventures on Instagram @wilmathewonderful

We would love to see pictures of your paw-fect pups rocking the walking wilma wardrobe, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook using the #walkingwilmawears and you never know, you just might see your pup featured.

So let your furry friend stand out from the pack and walk with their head held high on the runway of life!